Additive Manufacturing

Our LUXBEAM® scrolling solution is a powerful DLP® light engine subsystem for machine builders.

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With Visitech inside, you get a cost-effective, state-of-the-art imaging solution. We work at the forefront of innovative DLP lithography technology.
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A subsystem for machine builders

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System (LRS) is a professional, high-volume subsystem for 3D print machine builders. Due to the vast build area, 3D print machines enabled with the subsystem achieve a high volume of parts at high resolution.

The LRS comes with a detailed, documented interface for easy integration into the machine base and machine software.

The LRS product family is divided into two high-resolution branches:

  • Static printing with a fixed build area
  • Dynamic/scrolling system with vast printing area
  • High Throughput Capability

    The high UV- or IR-power in the image, combined with high data throughput, real-time image processing, and high frame rate DLP technology, supports machine configurations with state-of-the-art throughput.

  • Resolution

    High Resolution

    The LRS is based on the patented optical multiplexing technology, creating the optical performance and environment that enables sub-pixelation during motion.

  • Money saving

    Low Cost of Ownership

    DLP, LED technology, and laser light sources provide a system with a superior lifetime and low cost of ownership.

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