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Visitech creates high-end products that enable your business to build state-of-the-art imaging solutions.

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With Visitech inside, you get a cost-effective, state-of-the-art imaging solution. We work at the forefront of innovative DLP lithography technology. Partner with us to develop your next-generation tool to enable you to implement innovative and cost-saving manufacturing processes.

About Us

Visitech is an industrial technology leader in imaging systems leveraging DLP® technology from Texas Instruments.

We develop and manufacture high-performance solutions for direct imaging lithography and additive manufacturing subsystems used by machine makers worldwide. Our design technology sets us apart, but so does our ability to produce top-notch products that operate reliably 24×7 in demanding environments – where high throughput is essential.

The benefits of knowledge

Utilizing DLP® solutions that have been extensively tested and proven in various market segments, we apply these benefits and our know-how to new market areas. This strategy is particularly beneficial for additive manufacturing system products – yielding subsystems for machines and tools that deliver high-volume manufacturing capabilities in demanding factory environments. Hardware and software components undergo rigorous testing to ensure in-line production stability and excellent uptime.

Superior global support

Providing reliable additive manufacturing subsystems to a fast-moving global market would not be possible without proper support. Visitech has a robust worldwide presence with service centers in the USA, China, Germany, Norway, and Japan.

Helping you solve challenges

Our dedicated worldwide team consists of application experts who are prepared to assist in any product- or software-related challenges you may face throughout your product’s development, implementation, and support lifecycle. Our technologists have years of experience in optics, mechanics, DLP® systems, software, and FPGA and high-speed electronics design. Our team is second to none today and continues to innovate like no other.

Dependable supply

To ensure our products and services are always available and dependable for our customers, we have diversified our component sourcing and manufacturing sites across Asia and the USA, making us resilient to future shifts in the global political landscape.

Supporting you worldwide.

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Visitech HQ & Litography

HQ, Support


Visitech Americas

Repair, Support

United States

Visitech Engineering

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Visitech Light Display Tech. Ltd.

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  • Moulding a healthy foundation

    We have a proven track record of delivering state-of-the-art equipment that solves the latest application requirements. Trust, communication, and commitment are the pillars of our customer relationships, as recognized by our partners in several markets. We experience that these commitment pillars are reciprocal, yielding a solid, healthy foundation for great solutions to flourish.

  • Shaping a greener future

    At Visitech, we foster a free-thinking and curiosity-driven culture that sparks innovation. Our staff is passionate about solutions and has the freedom to discover new frontiers. They generate cutting-edge ideas and solutions by embracing their creative curiosity as they tackle challenges in diverse applications. Our customers enjoy our engineers’ ability to consistently enhance the efficiency of optics, electronics, and light sources, leading to smaller, more efficient, and sustainable machines.

  • We have you covered

    Working closely with our customers ensures on- and off-site support and service as needed in demanding manufacturing environments. We know that success requires machine up-time – so we conduct continuous long-term stability tests on large numbers of units to weed out any instability that might appear. Our equipment is thus purposefully developed for long-term, around-the-clock operation.

  • The bigger picture

    The Visitech value statement, “Creating images together”, proudly paints the picture of why we do what we do. Whether it is assisting customers in developing equipment, employees helping each other in solving application challenges or our committed support of children in developing countries; we combine state-of-the-art equipment with taking care of people, our communities, and the environment!

Our leadership team

Visitech inside: We empower your production in a cost-effective manner.


Øyvind Tafjord

Managing Director


Endre Kirkhorn

R&D Manager


Anna Øglænd

Operations Manager


Linn Vad Githmark

Global Marketing Manager


Aleksandar Rajcevic

Global Quality Manager


Alfred Jacobsen

Managing Director
Visitech Engineering, Germany


Gary Gao

Managing Director
Visitech Light Display Technology, China


Maggie Luo

Operations Manager
Visitech Light Display Technology, China


Kazu Ohara

Managing Director
Visitech Japan, Japan


Adam Kunzman

Managing Director
Visitech Americas, USA


Amanda Kunzman

Chief Operating Officer
Visitech Americas, USA

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