Next-level AM solutions from Visitech made global waves

True 4K resolution projectors, subsystems enabling full-scale production capabilities for additive manufacturing machines, and DLP powder bed fusion (DIS) are some Visitech developments that made solid marks in the AM industry landscape this year.

“We are thrilled to see countless hours of R&D, honing, testing, and not to mention the fruitful collaboration with valued customers yielding considerable effects – in the sense that Visitech is leading the technological development and making a real impact,” said Øyvind Tafjord, managing director at Visitech HQ.

Gaining attention

Summarizing the year thus far, the global Visitech team points to the response from visitors at shows and exhibitions attended around the globe, which has been great. With the recent announcement about building a new factory in Texas, USA, Visitech also caught the trade press’ eye. While often breaking the news about current product developments, found time for a sit-down with Visitech’s managing directors Adam Kunzman (USA) and Alfred Jacobsen (Germany), at the Rapid+TCT 2023 exhibition. The sit-down resulted in an informative article, “Visitech Brings Scrolling, Thermal, and 8K DLP 3D Printing Stateside with Texas Factory”, published on on May 11, 2023. 

4K, 8K, and the USA

The article features the current status of the cutting-edge technology for direct image sintering – or polymer powder bed fusion using DLP and IR – and further explains Visitech’s technology approach and background – touching on the groundbreaking true 4K and 8K projectors launched within the last year.

Furthermore, Visitech’s US expansion plans got a lot of attention; the planned Texas factory, and how it will help secure innovative DLP subsystem availability closer to the fast-growing US additive manufacturing market. 

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