Superior-resolution light engine

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-4KA LC* is designed explicitly for static implementations in 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems. With more than 8 million addressable pixel positions, the 4KA is the superior resolution light engine.

*End-of-life product

Recommended use

Additive manufacturing machinesHigh-power static configuration
Luxbeam LRS 4KA Series

LRS-4KA LC LIQUID-COOLED: Improved thermal management

We developed the liquid-cooled product version of the LRS4KA for stacked configurations with multiple projectors in mind. As a result of the light engine’s slim footprint, seamless stitching of projectors allows for large vats at unprecedented resolution. In addition, the liquid-cooling circuit supports improved thermal management – and along with it, a longer LED lifetime, less vibration, and superb robustness.

Superior resolution light engine
– ideal for static use in 3D printing

Power and throughput

The LRS-4KA projector subsystem makes UV optics, hardware, and software work together to deliver high power and throughput in an easy-to-use, reliable package. Customizing wavelength and projection lens assembly for individual system requirements gives you flexibility.

Highest resolution

Designed explicitly for static implementations in 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems, the LRS-4KA is a superior resolution DLP®-based stereolithography subsystem. With more than 8 million addressable pixel positions, it enables the production of the highest resolution parts.

Choose your performance level

Three product performance levels are available: The air-cooled commodity version for cost-sensitive systems, an air-cooled version for high-power systems, and the extreme performance, liquid-cooled LRS-4KA LC.


Full pixel sequence control (FPSC mode) explained

The advanced LC4KA-EKT controller of the LRS-4KA projector provides complete control of the data content in the projected subframes, with three valuable advantages:

No re-sampling errors

The controller uses the exact native resolution of the DMD, which allows pixel-pure exposures. This differs from systems using the original DMD reference controller, designed for UHD video inputs, but requiring data re-sampling. Re-sampling causes unwanted pixel errors due to input resolution mismatch between the controller and the DMD.

Complete control of the optical actuator

You can control both actuator positions timewise on every layer and apply an image offset of 1/2 pixel to generate a better resolution of outer contours in each layer, resulting in a better surface finish of the printed objects.

Fleixble architecture

Flexible architecture for simple and easy integration with your machine design.

Advanced controller

The LC4KA-EKT controller’s Full Pixel Sequence Control (FPSC) mode avoids re-sampling errors and gives you complete control of the projector’s image information. The result is a superior finish.

Stacking possible

A slim footprint allows for stacked configurations, yielding 8K, 16K, and higher resolutions. Up to 7W of optical power output makes it the most compact high-power 4K projector at hand.

DMD TypeDLP660TE (2716 x 1528 px)
Resolution8,3 million addressable pixels (UHD-4k images with optical actuator)
Operation Modes• 3840 x 2160 FPSC mode
– Pixel-Pure-Images (2 x WQXGA)
– Pure 8-bit greyscale (No scaling, resampling or gamma/video processing)
– Precise actuator timing control
• 2716 x 1528 native pixel mode
Projector Output PowerLC version:
• up to 3.5 W (with 365 nm)
• up to 6.5 W (with 385 nm)
• up to 7.5 W (with 405 nm)
AC performance version:
• up to 3 W (with 365 nm)
• up to 6 W (with 385 nm)
• up to 7 W (with 405 nm)
AC commodity version:
• up to 2 W (with 365 nm)
• up to 4.5 W (with 385 nm)
• up to 5 W (with 405 nm)
LED Options460 nm / 405 nm / 385 nm / 365 nm
LED DriverConstant flux with Optical Feedback or Fixed Current
Power Uniformity90% native in image plane
Contrast RatioON / OFF: Up to 1200:1
ANSI: Up to 450:1
Dimensions w/o lens190 mm (L) x 150 mm (W) x 228 mm (H)
Total weight w/o PSU and lens4 kg
Power consumption200 W (varies with exposure scheme)
Cooling systemComplete API (Windows, Linux) and GUI
SoftwareComplete API (Windows, Linux) and GUI
FeaturesFPSC Mode, light intensity regulation (optical feedback), adaptive fan control, external frame synchronization, temperature management
Electrical connectionsSignal
Power supply12 V DC
Video DataHDMI or DP
LED Safety SwitchLED enable/disable
Electrical Sync I/OExternal frame synchronization
Lens OptionsWorking Distance [mm]Pixel Pitch in image [μm]Native Image Size W x H [mm2]
Performance version
LRS-4KA 14x500.075.0204.0 x 115.0
LRS-4KA 17x524.090.0244.0 x 138.0
LRS-4KA 24x832.0130.0353.0 x 199.0
Commodity version
LRS-WQm 1.0x71.25.414.7 x 8.3
LRS-WQm 2.0x90.010.829.3 x 16.5
LRS-WQm 3.6x125.520.054.3 x 30.6
LRS-WQm 4.6x180.025.067.9 x 38.2
LRS-WQm 9.3x224.050.0135.8 x 76.4
LRS-WQm 13.0x350.070.0190.0 x 107.0
Other lens options are available upon request. All specifications and features are subject to change.

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