Set for future stability: Visitech builds new headquarters on bedrock

Traditional office building construction methods didn’t make the cut when Visitech set their requirement specifications for a new combined lab and head office building.

STANDING FIRM: R&D Manager Endre Kirkhorn and Managing Director Øyvind Tafjord illustrate Visitech’s physical and philosophical stance as they uncover the new head office foundation – built for stability, on bedrock – in Drammen, Norway, this week. Top right corner: render of the new building.

– We work within the nanometer scale with our state-of-the-art imaging solutions, and our R&D team’s quest for ultimate precision requires an absolute stable working environment, says managing director Øyvind Tafjord.

On April 20, the first construction milestone for Visitech’s new building in Drammen, Norway, was completed. It is a massive block of reinforced concrete founded directly into the bedrock. This will provide proper stability for the high fidelity Equipment Visitech develop as part of their revolutionary imaging solutions, which are used within the fields of PCB & Semicon lithography, additive manufacturing, and 3D scanning. Avoiding the vibrations and judder experienced in traditional office buildings, Visitech decided to construct a far more solid foundation for their lab, allowing for higher accuracy – especially for their PCB and advanced packaging lithography systems, where the smallest vibration from a passing semi on the freeway can generate unwanted results.

This week, a poster with the words “We stand firm on bedrock” was signed at the official foundation uncovering event. The statement is not only technical but also of philosophical value.

– The solid bedrock foundation will not only provide our lab with the best possible stability, which is crucial for the detail our equipment is developed to deliver, but it also has a symbolic meaning for our company. Standing firm on solid ground with the revolutionary imaging solutions we have developed says a lot about the position Visitech is taking in the market, says Tafjord.

The new head office building is due for completion in 2022. Visitech is headquartered in Norway, with offices in Germany, China, and the USA.