Shanghai division was finally allowed to welcome Visitech HQ

Again open to greet the world, Visitech’s Shanghai division welcomed a delegation from Visitech HQ last week, marking the first official visit since before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Visiting the new Shanghai factory, which manufactures products Visitech sells worldwide, gave new and existing staff from both countries a chance to align exciting, new product introductions and ongoing R&D work.

Many companies confronted various challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. Visitech was not spared, but managed well – and thanks to the Shanghai team’s extraordinary effort, the company delivered on all orders and ensured to meet all customers’ needs throughout the restriction periods.

“We’re thrilled that things are slowly returning to normal and that future visits, product development and provisioning will be less complicated in the coming time. Our teams in Norway and China consist of highly skilled individuals who work the Visitech way – passionately creating images together!”

Øyvind Tafjord, Managing Director at Visitech HQ in Norway