Taking on the Japanese market: Meet Kazu – and Visitech Japan

We are proud to announce that DLP evangelist Kazu Ohara has joined Visitech. Ohara is a long-term DLP contributor from earlier development in Texas Instruments (TI) Dallas HQ to Sales/Marketing in TI Japan.

Ohara’s senior competence and Visitech’s more than 20 years of experience developing and distributing DLP-based UV/IR exposure subsystems for implementation in industrial 3D printers and lithography products make a good match.

Boosting additive manufacturing performance, improving equipment reliability, and reducing time-to-market are Ohara’s targets for Visitech Japan’s domestic customers. “I am excited – and looking forward to creating images – together,” said Ohara, mirroring Visitech’s company slogan and close-knit customer cooperation policy.

I am excited – and looking forward to creating images – together!

Kazu Ohora, Managing Director, Visitech Japan
Visitech booth at Formnext 2021

Going to Formnext forum in Tokyo?

Kicking off Visitech Japan’s market entry, Ohara will be welcoming industry members and visitors to Formnext forum Tokyo, September 27-28, 2022, booth 4-F009. He will be elaborating on the latest additive manufacturing subsystem developments and the benefits for Japanese machine builders looking to enable high volume, speed, and resolution for their next builds.

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