Visitech celebrated 20 years of improving the future

Following key innovations and developments that have shaped the technical futures of additive manufacturing and direct imaging lithography, Visitech celebrated its 20th anniversary. At the crest of leading-edge DLP®-based technology, the subsystem developer enjoys global success and a bright-looking future.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of projector-giant Davis in the early 2000s, then-infant Visitech extracted the impressive DLP® and optics expertise from Davis’ roots.

Refining the heritage

Carefully nurturing these unique qualities, the company continued to widely invest in research and development and continued refining its products. Twenty years later, the initial team of skilled Davis-engineers has grown substantially and made its mark – now a leading global developer of state-of-the-art subsystems for the additive manufacturing and PCB/semiconductor industries. Present in four countries on three continents, Visitech’s highly technical staff is serving the needs of some of the world’s most technically advanced customers.

Merits that matter

The list of merits achieved is constantly growing longer, and Direct Image Sintering – in short, referred to as DIS – is one of the latest additions. Combining years of experience with engineering ingenuity, Visitech created an entirely new powder bed fusion concept within additive manufacturing using IR, opening a world of mass-production opportunities previously less feasible in this industry.

Mass-production capabilities are the holy grail for making feasible use of additive manufacturing on an industrial scale, allowing parts, products to be cost-efficiently mass-produced. Using methods of scrolling and stacking light engines in motion systems by combining state-of-the-art hardware and advanced software, Visitech has launched reliable systems that scale up manufacturing volumes and perform in this arena.

Systems used for high-resolution lifesaving bioprinting devices are another merit. Visitech’s state-of-the-art subsystems are now found in 3D printing technology, where the most advanced medical research occurs. For Visitech, it is rewarding to know that the technology the company develops makes a real difference. “Together, we can play a part in improving the future,” says Managing Director Øyvind Tafjord, gratefully pointing to plentiful solid and fruitful customer relationships as a critical driver in the innovation process.

Speed, resolution, and throughput

Now at the vanguard of leading-edge 3D printing technology, the subsystem developer has no intention of dimming its powerful light engines anytime soon. Instead, heavy focus on development and solving the customers’ challenges results in continuous system performance optimization, yielding higher resolution, speed, and throughput. As a global leader within a highly technical niche, the breakthroughs Visitech has achieved help industries create better products, faster, and at a lower cost.