Visitech ensures consistent global product quality

With expanding worldwide sales, the number of Visitech-manufactured products reaching global customers has never been higher. To ensure that each and every product delivered complies with the high standards of quality customers have come to expect. Visitech has appointed Aleksandar Rajcevic to the position of Global Quality Manager – from the aerospace industry.

By recruiting from an industry known to have the strictest demands for product quality, Visitech takes measures to safeguard consistent product quality as sales volumes continue to increase globally. Rajcevic will be stationed at Visitech HQ in Norway and responsible for overseeing and ensuring Visitech’s product quality worldwide and coordinating with the local quality managers in each of the company’s branches in Germany, China, Japan, and the United States. Rajcevic brings with him a wealth of experience in quality management from the aerospace industry, where he has served as a manufacturing & quality engineer for a decade.

Competitive edge

“I am very excited to join Visitech and contribute to their vision of creating images with its customers and partners,” Rajcevic said. “I believe that quality is not only a technical aspect but also a strategic one that can make a difference in a competitive market. I look forward to working with the talented and passionate team at Visitech to ensure we deliver our customers the best products and services.”

Demanding applications require high quality

Quality control and inspection are crucial for Visitech, whose products customers use for complex and demanding applications that require high accuracy, resolution, throughput, and reliability. Visitech’s products are based on innovative DLP® technology, enabling vast build areas combined with high resolution and high throughput for additive manufacturing.

Customer collaboration

To ensure the products meet the highest quality and performance standards, Visitech employs a comprehensive quality management system that covers all stages of the product lifecycle, from design to production to delivery. Visitech also collaborates closely with its customers and partners to understand their needs and expectations and to provide them with customized solutions that fit their specific requirements.

Confident choice

With Rajcevic’s leadership and expertise, Visitech aims to further strengthen its position as a global leader in high-end DLP-based imaging solutions. Managing director Øyvind Tafjord expressed his confidence in Rajcevic’s appointment and his vision for the company’s future: “We are very pleased to welcome Aleksandar to our team. He has a proven track record of excellence in quality management and a strong background in engineering, making him a valuable asset to our company as we continue to grow and expand our global presence. We are confident that under his leadership, we will further enhance our product quality and customer satisfaction and achieve continuous improvement and innovation in our quality management practices.”