Advancing polymer powder bed fusion (PBF) with

Direct Image Sintering (DIS)

Visitech has developed Direct Image Sintering (DIS), a polymer powder bed fusion concept based on our powerful IR projector combined with build size-enhancing scrolling technology.

DIS increases print speed, removes the build size and packaging density limitations of traditional SLS methods for PBF, and does it at high resolution – while building stronger parts.

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Test results produced by an independent lab found that the new Direct Image Sintering (DIS) technology not only prints parts faster than traditional SLS laser; printed parts are also stronger. Read how DIS widens the market potential for polymer powder bed fusion applications by enabling high precision, volume and speed, in’s article on the subject here!

Visitech LRS-MCx-WX NIR

Maximum Throughput in Polymer Powder Bed Fusion

Polymer PBF by selective laser sintering (SLS) has well-known limitations when considering build speed and volume. While a single laser may expose and fuse the powder incrementally and with limited build area, using SLS for larger-volume industrial applications is not feasible.

A powerful IR projector, however, can fuse an entire powder layer in one flash. Exposing a direct image onto the powder and fusing it in one go is the direct image sintering concept.

Applying our scrolling DLP projector technology allows the projector – or a series of interconnected projectors – to dynamically move across the build field, directly exposing the image and sintering a far larger area. Our proprietary software handles image stitching between projectors flawlessly, eliminating build area size restrictions.

A typical DIS system comprises a single or multiple LUXBEAM Rapid System LRS MCx-WX-IR projectors and the proprietary LAMA or LAMA Pro software, depending on the builder’s desired configuration. To complete the system, machine builders provide their own choice of powder handling and heating setup in addition to an X and Z motion system, into which DIS integrates.

For quick and effortless technology implementation for machine builders, Visitech offers support and can provide reference and custom motion system configuration.

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