Ten Years. 1000 Photo Heads. Field Proven.

Visitech has spent ten years of R & D, honing the design of our photo heads with our partners within the PCB markets, developing the hardware, electronics, light sources, and software – creating images together.
The result? A highly flexible Direct Imaging subsystem, tailor-made to meet our customers’ needs.

The LLS system can be utilized on all standard PCB panels, reel-to-reel, flexible PCB (FPCB), white ink solder mask for mini-LEDs, as well as High Density Interconnects (HDI), and various other applications for lithography. The Visitech LLS system has become the industry standard for high-throughput Direct Imaging light engines.

  • With Visitech Inside

With Visitech inside, you get a cost-effective, state-of-the-art imaging solution. We work at the forefront of innovative maskless lithography technology.
Partner with us to develop your next-generation tool to enable you to implement innovative and cost-saving manufacturing processes.

The industry standard for
high-throughput Direct Imaging light engines

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