Ultimate pixel control with the highest 8K resolution

The world’s first 8K industrial projector, LUXBEAM® Rapid System-8KA, packs the highest resolution and unprecedented UV power output. The 4096 x 2160 native 4K DMD and high-performance UV optics allow up to 32 million pixel positions using a customized optical actuator that shifts the image four times per exposure.

Recommended use

Stacked systemsStatic systems

The world’s first 8K industrial UV projector.

Unprecedented power and resolution.

  • Performance in all configurations

    Optimized for high performance static and stacked configurations in additive manufacturing, a wide range of lenses provide versatility for your application.

  • Integrated light source

    Visitech’s propietary LED/Laser Diode light source is highly integrated, pre-aligned, and calibrated in the LRS-8KA to yield maximum control.

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