An industrial productivity revolution in true 4K

With unprecedented UV power output and over 4 million native pixels (4096 x 2160 pixels), the unique and unmatched LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-MCx 4K takes industrial performance to the next level for your static or multihead scrolling projector configurations.

Recommended use

Multihead scrolling systemsHigh-power static configuration

The world’s first native 4K scrolling industrial UV projector:
A productivity booster for your next-generation machine builds

  • Leading the way

    As the world’s first industrial projector with native 4K resolution for scrolling and static additive manufacturing applications, the LRS-MCx 4K comes equipped with a proprietary LED/Laser Diode light source for maximum power.

  • Industrial productivity

    Optimized for high-performance, stacked, scrolling 3D print machine configurations, this light engine is a productivity booster for your next-generation industrial machine builds.

  • Resolution

    Lenses for versatility

    To take advantage of the full field of applications for the LRS-MCx’s high-performance UV optics, Visitech provides a range of lenses.

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