Highest productivity through scrolling

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-MCx HD is specifically designed for high throughput implementations in 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems, with static or scrolling configurations using one or more projectors.

Recommended use

Multihead scrolling systemsHigh-power static configuration

Achieve the highest productivity from a single subsystem
by stacking and scrolling

Peak performance

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-MCx HD is designed to drive the performance of UV-SLA light engines to the peak. A narrow footprint enables the stackability of modules with stitched images down to 50-micron pixel pitch. In a scrolling dynamic configuration, this allows for the highest manufacturing throughput with a single pass linear motion system. Special alignment features grant pixel-precise alignment of the modules and the light engine features the same robust and reliable high-resolution DLP9500/DLP9500 UV chipset. The liquid-cooled modules offer a long lifetime and the ultimate performance.

Stacked heads – for the highest productivity

The LRS-MCx UV module is a stackable and configurable system, specifically designed for static and scrolling multihead implementations in Additive Manufacturing systems. A typical implementation comprises at least two projection modules on a linear stage system. Standard configurations include the LEDBEAM™ UV LED light source, but Multi-LED light sources can also be considered. The UV-optimized optical system provides optimized power output for N-UV light sources. Multiple lens options support wide scalability.

Advanced controller

LRS-MCx HD is equipped with the advanced LUXBEAM® LB4800 controller. In its basic configuration, the LAMA STANDARD software package and API require configuration with a dedicated motion controller to enable maximum performance and full functionality. The 10G bandwidth even allows for streaming.

The LAMA PRO software version provides access to advanced operation modes, including subpixelation (improved surface finish) and edge blending for perfect stitching.

Superb productivity illustrated

A simple calculation illustrates the system’s productivity:

  • Four stacked light engines, using LRS-50 projection lenses, deliver a stitched image that is 380 mm wide, with 7.620 pixels horizontal.
  • A 700 mm scroll range allows for an image length of 650 mm, corresponding to 13.000 pixels vertical.
  • Print time per layer will depend on material sensitivity. Still, estimates show that the productivity of a single setup with a 4-head subsystem corresponds with that of 128 static desktop machines at the same pixel pitch.
Referance Stage
DMD TypeDLP9500 0,95” 1080p HD
Resolution1920 x 1080 px
Projector Output PowerUp to 9 W (with 405 nm) / 7 W (with 385 nm) / 5 W (with 365 nm)
LED OptionsR, G, B, 405 nm / 380 nm / 365 nm
LED DriverConstant flux with Optical Feedback or Fixed Current
Power Uniformity> 90% native
Dimensions w/o lens270 mm (H) x 94 mm (W) x 230 mm (L)
Total weight w/o PSU4 kg
Power consumption150 W (typical)
Cooling systemLiquid cooling
SoftwareLAMA Standard (included) or LAMA Pro (advanced features, available at a premium)
Electrical connectionsSignal
Power supply12 V DC
Gigabit Ethernet1000BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
CommunicationEthernet (platform-independent web interface)
LED Safety SwitchLED enable/disable
Electrical Sync I/ORS 485
Optical sync I/O820 nm multimode fiber
Lens OptionsMagnificationWorking Distance [mm]Pixel Pitch in image [μm]Native Image Size W x H [mm2]
W xH [HD]W x H [WU]
LRS-03 UV0.25 : x 2.95.2 x 3.2
LRS-05 UV0.5 : 150.05.410.4 x 5.810.4 x 6.5
LRS-10 UV1.0 : 171.010.820.7 x 11.720.7 x 13.0
LRS-20 UV2.0 : 190.021.641.5 x 23.341.5 x 25.9
LRS-40 UV3.7 : 1147.540.076.8 x 43.276.8 x 43.2
LRS-50 UV4.6 : 1177.850.096.0 x 54.096.0 x 60.0
LRS-90n UV8.3 : 1375.090.0172.8 x 97.2172.8 x 108.0
LRS-107 UV9.9 : 1493.0107.0205.4 x 115.6205.4 x 128.4
LRS-126n UV11.7 : 1575.0126.0241.4 x 115.6241.4 x 115.2
LRS-187 UV17.3 : 1884.0187.0359.0 x 202.0359.0 x 224.4
LRS-57 VIS5.3 : 1161.057.0109.4 x 61.6109.4 x 68.4
Other lens options are available upon request. All specifications and features are subject to change.

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