Maximum power for static 3D print systems

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-WQ SL LC is a DLP®-based stereolithography subsystem specifically designed for professional 3D printing and additive prototyping/manufacturing systems.

*End-of-life product

Recommended use

High power static configuration

Maximum power for static 3D print systems

LRS-WQ DL LC Dual LED Liquid Cooled

Liquid-cooling unleashes the true power of the LRS-WQ. With up to 9 W of UV light power in image, it has more power than any other single LED UV projector on the market. This makes it perfectly suited for static 3D printers with large build sizes.

The main advantage of liquid cooling is improved LED light source temperature control, enabling higher efficiency, thereby achieving higher UV power. In addition, it gives you vibration-free operation, which improves image stability and print quality.

This stable system is particularly well-suited for micro 3D printing when configured with small magnification lenses.

The Dual LED system has two configuration options:


Combined LED operation for maximum power output with two LEDs with narrow offset in peak wavelengths.


Independent LED operation, using two distinct wavelengths, like for specific photochemical processes.

Empowering professional 3D printing systems

Based on the robust and reliable high-resolution DLP9000 WQXGA chip, the LRS-WQ series ensures lifetime durability with low maintenance costs. While the entry-level version is air-cooled, the top-performing versions come with liquid cooling – which is particularly beneficial in certain applications requiring maximum stability. Liquid cooling further stabilizes the LED light source, allowing it to perform at even higher power, making the LUXBEAM® LRS-WQ DL LC the most powerful UV LED projection module available.

Long-lasting performance

The LRS-WQ light engine series is a robust, proven, and reliable plug-and-play module system. With an integrated CPU and industry-standard ethernet communication interface, the light engines provide advanced internal communication, status monitoring communication, status tracking, and other logging features.

Compact design

As the most compact projector in its class, the LRS-WQ light engine enables machine builders to achieve space-saving machine footprints.

Specifically designed for professional 3D printing and static additive manufacturing and prototyping systems, the LRS-WQ series consists of three product versions. Each version offers unique beneficial features in terms of power, ranging from 4 W to a massive 12.5 W for the Dual LED Liquid Cooled version. All share the same compact cabinet size, allowing easy swapping.

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