Excellent cost-performance and a compact box size

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-WQm* is specifically designed for implementation in compact desktop-type 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems.

*End-of-life product

Recommended use

High-resolution desktop configuration

Cost-performance and compact size
for desktop 3D printers

Superior quality and performance

With its 4 million native pixels, the LRS-WQm is a superior resolution DLP®-based stereolithography subsystem that considers the needs of the cost-sensitive desktop 3D print industry. The system offers superior quality and performance at a competitive cost.

Ideal for high-resolution static configuration

The UHD-resolution DLP660TE chip enables the LRS-WQm to project high-resolution images with excellent image quality, comprising a UV-optimized optical system and optional configuration with various LEDBEAM™ UV LED light sources, in addition to a growing number of lens options with a wide range of magnifications.

The dedicated controller electronics provides industry-proven reliability and industry-standard data and communication interfaces.

ResolutionWQXGA (2716 x 1528 px)
Projector Output PowerUp to 5 W (with 405 nm) / 4.5W (with 385nm) / 2 W (with 365nm)
LED OptionsMonochrome 465 nm / 405 nm / 380 nm / 365 nm
LED DriverConstant flux with Optical Feedback or Fixed Current
Power Uniformity> 90% native
Dimensions w/o lens190 mm (L) x 150 mm (B) x 228 mm (H)
Total weight w/o PSU4 kg
Power consumption200 W
Cooling systemAir cooling (fan)
SoftwareComplete API (Windows, Linux), Graphical User Interface
Electrical connectionsSignal
Power supply12 V DC
LED Safety SwitchLED enable/disable
Electrical Sync I/OExternal frame synchronization
Lens OptionsWorking Distance [mm]Pixel Pitch in image [μm]Native Image Size W x H [mm2]
LRS-WQm 1.0x71.25.414.7 x 8.3
LRS-WQm 2.0x90.010.829.3 x 16.5
LRS-WQm 3.6x147.520.054.3 x 30.6
LRS-WQm 4.6x180.025.067.9 x 38.2
LRS-WQm 9.3x224.050.0135.8 x 76.4
LRS-WQm 13.0x350.070.0190.0 x 107.0
Other lens options available upon request. All specifications and features are subject to change.

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