Maximum power for static 3D print systems

Featuring a dual LED light source for ultimate power, the LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-WQ DL LC is a liquid-cooled DLP®-based stereo lithography subsystem specifically designed for professional 3D printing and additive prototyping/manufacturing systems.

Recommended use

High power static configuration

A DLP®-based stereo lithography subsystem
– ideal for high-power static configurations

LRS-WQ DL LC Dual LED Liquid Cooled

The Dual LED Liquid Cooled version further raises the bar for UV projectors, with an unparalleled performance of up to 12,5 W of UV light power in image. It provides the best image performance and power throughput in near-UV wavelengths.

The main advantage of liquid cooling is improved LED light source temperature control, enabling higher efficiency, thereby achieving higher UV power. In addition, it gives you vibration-free operation, which improves image stability and print quality.

This stable system is particularly well-suited for micro 3D printing when configured with small magnification lenses.

Empowering professional 3D printing systems

Based on the robust and reliable high-resolution DLP9000 WQXGA chip, the LRS-WQ series ensures lifetime durability with low maintenance costs. While the entry-level version is air-cooled, the top-performing versions come with liquid cooling – which is particularly beneficial in certain applications requiring maximum stability. Liquid cooling stabilizes the LED light source further, allowing it to perform at even higher power, making the LUXBEAM® LRS-WQ DL LC the most powerful UV LED projection module available.

Long-lasting performance

The LRS-WQ light engine series is a robust, proven, and reliable plug-and-play module system. The light engines provide advanced internal communication, status monitoring communication, tracking, and other logging features with an integrated CPU and industry-standard ethernet communication interface.

Compact design

As the most compact projector in its class, the LRS-WQ light engine enables machine builders to achieve space-saving machine footprints.

Specifically designed for professional 3D printing and static additive manufacturing and prototyping systems, the LRS-WQ series consists of three product versions. Each version offers unique beneficial features in terms of power, ranging from 4 W to a massive 12.5 W for the Dual LED Liquid Cooled version. All share the same compact cabinet size, allowing easy swapping.

See the other product versions:

Single LED, air cooled: LRS-WQ SL ACSingle LED, liquid cooled: LRS-WQ SL LC
Projector Output PowerWQ SL ACWQ SL LCWQ DL LC
4 W (365 nm)5 W (365 nm)365 + 405 nm
385 + 460 nm
405 + 460 nm
Other configurations
upon request
6 W (385 nm)7 W (385 nm)
8 W (405 nm)9 W (405 nm)
Cooling systemAir cooling (internal fan)Liquid Cooling (external)Liquid Cooling (external)
Power consumption250 W (varies with exposure scheme)500 W (varies with exposure scheme)
FeaturesVideo signal (VPM) or single picture mode (POFT) with external frame synchronization
Light intensity regulation (optical feedback)
DMD TypeDLP9000 0,9” WQXGA
ResolutionWQXGA 2560 x 1600 px
Operation modeVideo Pattern Mode (VPM), Picture On The Fly (POTF)
Contrast ratioON / OFF: Up to 1500:1
ANSI: Up to 500:1
Dimensions w/o lens245 mm (L) x 282 mm (W) x 128 mm (H)
Total weight w/o PSU and lens5 kg
SoftwareComplete API (Windows, Linux), platform-independent web interface
Lens OptionsMagnificationWorking Distance [mm]Pixel Pitch in image [μm]Native Image Size W x H [mm2]
LRS-030.25 : x 3.0
LRS-050.5 : x 6.0
LRS-101.0 : 171.07.619.4 x 12.1
LRS-202.0 : x 24.2
LRS-403.7 : 1147.528.071.7 x 44.8
LRS-504.6 : 1178.035.089.6 x 56.0
LRS-90n8.3 : 1375.063.0161.3 x 100.8
LRS-1079.9 : 1493.075.0192.0 x 120.0
LRS-126n11.7 : 1575.088.0225.3 x 140.8
LRS-18717.2 : 1884.0130.0332.8 x 208.0
LRS-57 VIS5.3 : 1161.040.0102.4 x 64.0
All specifications and features are subject to change.

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