Superb UV-power and stability with Visitech’s new dual-LED, liquid-cooled “workhorse” projector

Visitech’s highly regarded LED UV projection module is now available with a Dual LED light source in an LC (Liquid Cooled) configuration – the LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-WQ DL LC.

Their new development is more powerful than any other UV projector on the market, directly resulting from Visitech’s ongoing pursuit of higher power in high-resolution systems. Ideally suited for static, high-resolution 3D printers with large build areas, this module expands the LRS-WQ line, setting the industry standard for reliability, long lifetime, and low cost-of-ownership.

An LC-version of the single LED projector is also available (LRS-WQ SL LC), sharing the liquid cooling benefits of its more powerful brother.

Stability for micro 3D printing

The main advantage of liquid cooling is improved temperature control of the LED light source, enabling higher efficiency – thereby achieving higher UV power. In addition, it gives you vibration-free operation, which improves image stability and print quality. When configured with small magnification lenses, Visitech’s stable system is particularly well-suited for micro 3D printing.

The configurable Dual LED system gives you the options of power-boosting a narrow wavelength area around 405nm or 385nm or simply combining different wavelengths that benefit specific applications. The new configurations are backward compatible with existing software methods, which provide a robust network ethernet interface for system control and monitoring.

Performance and throughput

As the most compact projector in its class, the LRS-WQ LC enables machine builders to achieve space-saving machine footprints. Available with a wide array of projection lenses, ranging from 2- to 130-micron pixel pitch in image, the projector provides the best image performance and power throughput in near-UV wavelengths.

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