Transparency Act Compliance

Visitech AS and Visitech Lithography AS are dedicated to adhering to the Transparency Act introduced in Norway in 2022. We have established a responsible process and workflow that involves sharing our Code of Conduct (COC) with our customers and suppliers. Our COC outlines the ethical guidelines and expectations we have for our business partners.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we require our business partners to conduct due diligence assessments internally, focusing on their suppliers and business associates. This assessment ensures that all parties involved uphold our COC and follow ethical practices.

We also request regular reports from our business partners regarding their compliance with the COC. These reports are thoroughly reviewed, and if necessary, we initiate corrective actions to address any non-compliance issues.

By implementing the Transparency Act and actively engaging our business partners, we strive to maintain transparency, ethical standards, and accountability throughout our operations and supply chain.