Join our “War Victim Aid Challenge” this Holiday season!

Visitech sponsors powerstations for Ukraine

While those of us who live in peaceful countries quietly dream of a crispy, white Christmas, that dream may well be more of a nightmare for war-ridden Ukrainians. Take our challenge and join us in making a difference for those who struggle!

With the loss of electrical power for lights or heating, a cold and dark winter threatens to take civilian lives in urban Ukrainian areas. At Visitech, we find it hard to stand by and watch the struggle our neighbours are experiencing. So – we decided to make a humble attempt at supporting those who know how to help, hands-on, where help is needed the most.


For Visitech, the opportunity to help presented itself by coincidence and unexpectedly while our team were enjoying an early company Christmas dinner in Frankfurt. Most of our team was in town for the Formnext exhibition, making it a convenient occasion for our global offices to spend an evening together.

Charity exhibition

At Maaschanz, the French restaurant of our choice in Frankfurt, artist Olesia Kostiuk had agreed with owner Bruno Lauffenburger to use the restaurant premises for a charity exhibition of her paintings. Intrigued by the art, our dining team approached Mr Bruno to inquire further. Before the evening concluded, the restaurant owner had phoned artist Kostiuk, who agreed to sell the entire art lot to Visitech!

Immediate help

Directly involved in Ukrainian war victim aid and especially with supplying power generators to apartment buildings suffering from blackouts in suburban Kyiv, the artist and her husband Vasym put the art sale proceeds to life-saving services immediately. Multiple generators were shipped to the Hnidyn suburb within days.

Challenge: Make a difference!

At Visitech we became fortunate owners of beautiful art in the process – and are grateful that the coincidences led us to experience the selfless efforts of Europeans such as Olesia Kostiuk, her husband Vasym, and restaurant owner Mr Bruno. A warm, helping hand from another country may make a world of difference for the suffering families and individuals of Ukraine this winter. We’d like to extend this helping hand further and challenge our valued customers and associates to make generous donations as well.

– We can help you help

Not sure who to contact? If you, like us, agree that urgent power generators for Ukraine are an effort worth supporting, contact our team. We will connect you directly with a proven charity aid that works!