Visitech’s photohead #1000 heading to premium partners

Since 2011 Visitech has delivered class-leading photoheads for additive manufacturing and lithography with 3 and 4 UV wavelengths from 2µm and upwards feature resolution to customers all over the world.

So successful has our system been that we will be shipping our photohead #1000!

I am profoundly proud and excited on behalf of the whole Visitech family and our partners, that we have reached the first 1000 photohead milestone! This comes from years of hard work, focus, going through hard times, and good times for everyone involved – developing from an R&D product to a fully industrialized solution. I am confident that the next 1000 milestone will be reached even sooner because of this!

Sebastian Aske, Product Manager

To mark this, we are shipping out a special #1000 edition photohead in December to our premium partners as a celebration of #creatingimagestogether with 1000 systems delivered worldwide.