A plug-and-play solution for multihead scrolling configurations

Visitech introduced multihead scrolling as the most advanced solution for scaling up 3D print stereolithography system productivity.

Now, we add the plug-and-play LRS-MCx motion stage, enabling enlarged build areas for expert static 3D print machine manufacturers and developers.

Recommended use

3D print machine buildersScrolling

The scalable LRS-MCx motion stage opens for new business opportunity exploration.

Enlarging the building area size

Expert static 3D print machine developers and manufacturers will find that the LRS-MCx motion stage opens for new business opportunity exploration, as implementing scalable motion systems allows for enlarged build areas.

Flexible motion stage platform

Designed for installation in bottom-up and top-down configurations, the motion stage rooms up to four LRS-MCx photoheads. A wide projection lens selection enables various configuration options, allowing for seamless stitching of native images – with pixel pitch as small as 50 microns.

Multiple uses

The flexible platform of the motion stage is suitable for UV stereo lithography and works equally well in polymer-based powder bed fusion installations.

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