Perfecting AM precision at SPIE Photonics West

While a gentle Pacific breeze of the latest photonics and laser tech filled the Moscone Center in San Francisco earlier this month, Visitech’s booth unleashed AM thunder and lightning with game-changing DLP® technology promising unmatched 3D printing precision and productivity.

Revealing the future

Visitors to this year’s SPIE Photonics West witnessed Visitech’s relentless focus on precision and robustness for their DLP® projectors for additive manufacturing. Among new developments on display was the LUXBEAM® LRS-8KA, the world’s first super-resolution 8K SLA subsystem. Featuring native 4K DLP® technology and the latest Bifrost™ LED/Laser technology, the 8KA provides unprecedented UV power output in staggering 8K resolution – with remarkable precision. The system is built on the NEOS platform, which ensures reliable industrial performance over time, making the projector well-suited for industrial static/stacked AM applications.

NIR power for DIS

The LRS MCx-NIR light engine, as part of Visitech’s Direct Image Sintering technology, is a revolution by itself. The powerful NIR projector in DIS elevates high-volume polymer powder bed fusion with enhanced efficiency, precision, and speed. Exhibition attendees had an exclusive look at how this technology transforms AM workflows for high-volume applications.

Micro AM

While the Visitech light engines on display solve volume challenges, the LRS-µSLA platform also solves challenges on the microscopic scale. It is dedicated to achieving precision in producing intricate and minuscule components. At Visitech’s booth, demonstrations allowed visitors to explore the immense potential of micro additive manufacturing.

Creating images together

The SPIE Photonics West was a highly successful exhibition for Visitech, and the USA team gratefully invites attendees and those unable to visit to continue the dialogue on shaping the future of AM. Or, as Visitech puts it, creating images – together!